Brule River Fly Fishing Reports for Northern Wisconsin Boise Brule River Trout and Steelhead

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10/28/16 Brule is fishing good. River is on the low side but the steelhead are doing alot of moving up river. Use Stones, X-legs and Prince Nymphs on a dropper setup, dont forget soft hackles also. Some are hooking up pretty good on large streamers and intruders on the swing. Surprise yourself by doing alot of exploring and hiking the river. Need some rain to bring the flow up but the temps are perfect.

10/20/16 Sunny days and great water makes being on the Brule a magical time. Fish are all over its just being in the right spot at the right time. Those moments can really pay off!! Dead drifting stones and nymphs in tight pockets and deep runs. Do a lot of hiking in the deep woods and rest upon the river.

10/6/16 The little bit of rain we got yesterday did bring water levels to a better fishing condition but the river is still pretty low and clear. Very nice to be on the river though. Steelhead are holding in runs and fast breaks, around boulders and dark slots. Lots of leaves and pine needles floating around. Use stones and soft hackles around fast breaks and runs, pick lots of pockets with a dropper rig. Swing intruders in wider faster pools and places where the current slows down, but still fast enough to get a good drift with.

9/28/16 Conditions are low and slow and clear. Need some pretty heavy rains. Some steelhead have made it in the river, but slim pickins in the lower part of the river. Lots of leave material being knocked off the trees. Use stones and nymphs in the slow runs and look for the deep slots. Swing intruders above big pools and runs, or high stick a bugger or stone in clear low areas. Look for deep areas. Some fish are in the fast runs, but most areas are pretty low.

9/19/16 Steelhead have made it into the Bois Brule River and are hitting streamers and nymphs. Swing with the Switch or use the Dead Drift method. Both methods are working real well. Lake run Browns are still doing well on streamers and some are even hitting nymphs dead drifted. Water levels are on the low side but very fishable!

9/8/16 Lake run Browns are still thrashing big streamers in quiet pools and runs late in the evening. Get there just befor dark. The lower is doing well from the Meadows to FF. Use streamers such as Black Fortune Cookies and Black Sculpins, olive is a good bet also. Use the two handed set up for awsome swings and explosive pulls. Use mousies in the upper around the Big Lake area. Steelhead should be making an entrance soon, water levels are good but still a bit to warm still. Cheers!!

8/1/16 Browns have started their journey in the Brule with some clobering Mousy's and some taking black streamers. The upper is doing well for Trico's but bring adult caddis for safe measure. Early mornings for Trico's. Swing prince's and streamers in dark runs and fast areas.

7/18/16 Resident Browns and some Rainbows are being caught on Mousies in the slow areas of Big Lake. Swing streamers in the runs and deep holes near Wheatons Landing and cover areas as you make your way to Big Lake. Carry some adult Caddis.  Water is high but fly fishing is still pretty good in the Upper. The Lower is too high for wading!! Lots of water, muddy and lots of tree limbs. Be careful.

6/11/16 Sulphurs and Light Hendricksons in late afternoons and early evenings. Also early morniings is good also. Some reports of Brown Drakes have been happening, mostly late evenings. Look for March Browns and Light Cahills coming off in late afternoons and early evenings also. Use big caddis along shorelines and in slow deep pools. Swing Olive Buggers in the Lower sections with Ants, Beetles, and maybe a hopper here and there. Hey try a Mousey at dark thirty on big lake.

5/20/16 Most steelhead have dropped back and those that are still in the river are pretty beat up. Let them be! You will find some smaller steelhead that are setting up for the summer. Most are in the upper teens and low twenty's. Streamers are working good. And this is the time to use the switch and hook them on the swing. The upper is doing great with nymphs, adult caddis, buggers, Hendricksons, Renegades, and pass lakes tyed with peacock bodies.
5/5/16 The Brule is flowing great, color is a bit cloudy, but temps are perfect around 55 degrees. Wading might be a little tricky at 220cfs. Light bugs in sizes 12 to 16's. Stoneflys are doing well also. Use the dead drift method in slow areas and slack areas in fast runs. Dark Intruder's below a swing are hooking up also. Keep drift short but cover lots of water.

4/24/16 Wow, I sit here on this Sunday night with a Sazerac on the table hearing the wind and rain beating the window and thinking, man, the river which produced so well these past few days must by now be a River Gone Wild!!. The steelhead have been estonishing to say the least and we beat the trails and stand tall beside a quiet pool or run with our flys and rod in hand, making our selves believe that this is it. This place is special. I can take a deep breath now. What was once now is changed, and we must embrace a rest for us but not the fish. They battle to find their rest as they drift down, passing those who are fresh making their way up. Dodging debree and high water. Silent for a few days. Slice the current with your 450 grain and deep sink Intruder, place Indicator with tanom flies to perfect drift, it will not come my friend. The rain is here with a powerful force this night. Tomorrow...we will see. The flow creeps up to 248. Winds will be cold and strong. Dress well my friend. And toast good whiskey to a friend in the parking lot at the end of a day. Cheers!
4/19/16 Steelhead are cloppering nymphs and streamers swung in the tail outs near big slow pools. Fresh fish have been coming in. Use Soft Hackles with Stones and Intruders when the moment arises. Keep a dead drift with indicators in super slow areas, but switch to sink tips and 450 grain heads when bigger runs come up. Should get better as the temps get a little warmer this weeks. Cheers. 

4/6/16 With some good snow fall last night and this morning the fly fishing conditions could not be any better. Lots of good flow around 230 and temps around 37 make the Brule at its prime. The flys to use vary from dead drifting with Stone Flys and Nymphs to swinging big Intruders. Fish are in lots of places so do lots of hiking and hunting. Slow things down a bit due to colder water temps.

3/30/16 The Brule is pretty high right now after some serious rains this morning and some snow melt. The steelhead are highting even in muddy deep current, but patience is the key. Prospect using tanem rigs with stone flys and prince nymphs and indicators. Get down deep and keep it in the strike zone with plenty of weight. Soft hackles and egg patterns are working also.




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