Minnesota's North Shore Fly Fishing Reports for Steelhead and Brook Trout

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North Shore Fishing Report
NE Minnesota Fly Fishing Reports - Steelhead Fly Fishing Reports
Brook Trout Fly Fishing Reports

10/28/16  Some steelhead are coming in the rivers farther up the shore. The waters are a little better up toward Grand Marie then down toward Duluth. The rivers mouths are producing also. Use Streamers with rubber legs in size 10 to 14's. X-legs, Prince Nymphs and Soft Hackles. Run a dropper set up in deep holes and runs. Or swing where the rivers are flowing out at the mouths. Watch for fish moving in the rivers.

10/20/16 Rain is really needed to get some of the steelhead in the rivers.

10/6/16 Steelhead have made their way into some of the North Shore streams, with most the pinks either dead or starting to get to that point. This is the time to get the dropper rig out and hit the pockets and deep runs in areas closer to the mouths. Pick small dark water with stones, soft hackles and prince nymphs. Swing streamers in faster water where the rivers widen out. Egg patterns in dark orange do well also. Loopers are hanging around the river mouths also, use an X-leg below an indicator.

9/28/16 The pinks have did their thing and some rivers are seeing dead pinks already. It doesnt take long. There are some rivers that still hold some salmon further up the shore. Have heard some fish in the Sucker and Stewart. Pink eggs and Orange eggs are doing well. Steelhead will start making their way up some rivers once we get some good rains. Look for them around the beginning to mid October time. Brookies are still hitting nymphs in the upper stretches of the rivers, but that closes the end of this month. Lakes are doing good with buggers and small nymphs. Fish lakes around the shore line where the vegetation is.

9/19/16 Pinks are in! Some rivers are reporting good numbers. Use pink eggs! Brookies up the shore are hitting nymphs such as Prince Nymphs and Lightning bugs.

9/8/16 Brookies are still eating like pigs in the upper stretches of the North Shore Rivers. Put on your hiking boots or get the fat tire out cause you will need it. Most are doing well off trails. Use nymphs such as LIghtin Bugs and Princes. Beetles and ants are still doing good. Early mornings are best. Cloquet River is doing well for smallmouth and brookies from Hwy53 to the mouth. No word on Pinks but that doesnt mean they are not showing up in smaller numbers. Give it a try. Cheers.

8/1/16 Rivers have gone down quiet a bit but there is still some really good water to fly fish if you are willing to travel. Hoppers are the prime choice now with ants beatles and big R bugs doing well. Streamers are doing very well also. Fish early morning or late evenings. Trout lakes are doing will with Olive buggers and adult caddis with a dropper. Fish against the banks where the weeds are.

7/18/16 Brookies are hitting Ants, Beetles, Hoppers and Adult Caddis in the upper areas of most of the rivers along the North Shore. Fly Fishing can get real good toward late evening or Early mornings. Check out easy access areas and work your way up or down river. Be careful of private property. The trout lakes are slowing down due to hot weather and lots of storms. But when you go use olive woolly buggers and muddler minnows.

6/11/16 Light Cahills, BWO's, Beetles, Ants and maybe a hopper or two. Rivers are flowing good, Brookies love Royal Wulffs and Renegades. Use a Bugger in deep pools and big runs. Prince nymphs and PT's along the edges of drop offs. Use the Hump Bee for some great action in rivers with lots of grassy over hangs and flowers. Put the Montona Stone in, Bumble bees are starting to come out. Fish under bridges, you might catch a Troll!!

5/20/16 Some steelhead still up in the Brule River. Some in the Cascade. But most are drop back that are pretty beat up or are just spawning. Give them a break!! Let them be. Upper streams are doing ok. Streamers are working. Royal Wulffs, Renegades, Prince Nymphs. Summer is just around the corner, then its bee time.

5/5/16 The North Shore is still doing well, with fish being caught down here in Duluth just the same. Stones and small nymphs are doing well as well as egg patterns in pink and dark orange. Farther up the shore some rivers are still a little dicey but wade with caution and get to unpressured waters. Difting Intruders in the bigger river suc as MN Brule are giving good results.

4/24/16. Damn I hate this web page, not putting in the information but how I have to put it in, this system of mine is like working with the stone age, a placing of words in this fishing report is like plowing fields with a horse and harness. Not you my friends, just this system.  Well enough of my bitchin. Can we say this has not been the most awsome season so far that expells all others. Man what can I say, epic runs, in sizes of steelhead and quantity.  Through all this amazement I think about the efforts of others who feel that the total satisfaction of our great outdoors is not met until they can club a steelhead on the head and drag its dead carcess on the rocks to bring it home and garnish its taste or toss in in the freezer. Wow what a waste of a course you take to call a friend, pick them up at a morning place, load up the gear, experience the flow and breath the landscape, just to get a chance to see the cold eyes of a wild not caught before steelhead. Embrace it. Take film or stills to garnish the media, leave the thoughts of plate preperation to burgers and beer. And let this creation go to live another day. Hell its hard enough for them in this cold, brutal enviroment. The rivers will not be so gracefull this week my friend. Blasted with cold Lake Superior winds and rains. We will see rivers "Gone Wild" these next few day. But as we sit in our cars parked in the pull offs or parking lots we ask ourselves this question "Can we imagine our rivers along the North Shore without Steelhead? Drift a red egg, drop a stonefly to where pools run silent and keep your balance as you see the next destination across high flows. Now we must wait again, they shall return again. They will come back.

4/19/16 Fly Fishing is still good along the North Shore. Some big fish are coming out of spots where you would not expect them. Rivers are running high due to snow melt and warmer temps. But with our latest cool down it should slow things down a bit. Stones, nymphs and egg patterns are still producing. Expect conditions to get better farther up the shore in the next few days, maybe by next week. Cheers

4/6/16 The North Shore is on Fire. Some big fish coming out of a few rivers. Lots of good water conditions from the Lester up to Grand Maria. Rivers have gone down a bit due to colder temps and no snow melt. But the rivers are at their peak. Use egg patterns in a variety of colors from light oranges to pink. Hike up to the falls and drift down. Get there early to beat the crowds. Nymphs are doing good in some rivers as well as Stone Flys. Mostly dead drifting, but you can swing Intruders in the bigger lagoons.

3/30/16 The north shore is getting some great runs. Plenty of steelhead with lots of good water. Some rivers have dropped due to colder nights and cooler days, but with the rains and warmer temps coming fish will be moving. Look for thems in deep holes and runs, prospecting with egg patterns and prince nymphs. Look for better activity in our more northern rivers seeing that they are just now turning on. There is still some great steelhead action here in our Duluth area.

3/16/16 Rivers are open with lots of run off. Chunks of ice and trees. Be careful. Steelhead are being caught in front of the river mouths.

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