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                                  Fly Fishing the Kenai Peninsula

Keeping our selves contained as we managed the five and a half hour flight to Anchorage was a small feet in its self.  Let alone knowing what we can expect when the long journey ends.  Induced by previous trips, a trip of reunion for myself but first times for those that come along. I am hoping everything will go great.  Little do I know how much these trips have an effect on those that go.  Arriving in Anchorage we grab our gear and head down to the rental vehicles where our sweet ride is waiting to deliver us to the majestic Kenai Peninsula.  Our quest is the Fall run of Silvers or Coho as there better known and salt run Steelhead on the Anchor River in Anchor Point Alaska.  The Anchor boast the farthest North known run of Steelhead in the world, so these are very special fish, the regs dictate so!!!  The trip down the Turnigan Arm and down HWY 1 along the Western side of the Kenai Peninsula brings us all great enthusiasm and a feeling of awe and wonder as we travel through valleys surrounded by distant snow cap peaks and high bluffs.  The crossing of the Kenai River at Coopers Landing brings an equally amazing moment with its light turquoise blue color. A color brought on by its distant head waters of melting glaciers.  The size of the river alone brings moments of silence in the vehicle. Another couple of hours and we arrived in Anchor Point on the shoulders of the Anchor River.  We unload the gear to the cabin, then go down and check out the river, the Silvers are running in the late evening, tomorrow we fish!!!!  The Anchor can be high and discolored brought on by massive rains a few days earlier or very low and clear, but fishable all the same. Silvers can be a challenge in high water but wading is even more difficult, so caution is in the air.  Passing by the fish weir run by the Department of Fish and Wildlife we get our fish count of the morning and then head up river.  Fishing the first couple of holes we hook our first Silvers, all within the 10 to 12 lb range, some climb to 17 lbs. After being hooked, Silvers proceed down river in an almost unimaginable pull of strength which is followed by a few hard shakes,turns and leaps.  Gear is tested to its max for sure.  The next few days are a joy to spend on the rivers hooking quite a few Silvers and fresh from the salt Steelhead.  Great food, great beer, and beautiful surroundings, LIFE IS GOOD!!!   We leave after 4 hard days of fly fishing on the Anchor to float the Kenai  fly fishing for Rainbows and Dolly's.  Meeting the Guide at 8:00 in the morning we begin our float down the Kenai to catch lots of big Rainbows and Dollys.  Along this part of the trip we can expect to see Grizzly and Moose.  Joined in to this part of the trip we hike in to fly fish a high alpine lake for large Grayling, the fly fishing is great, the view is a sight to behold!!  The hike in is brutal though!!! Make sure you are up too it.  This is a fantastic trip and one I expect you will have in your memory's for a very long time!!!!

 Gear requirements: Fast Action 9'  7 weights or 8 weights, 9' 6" 7 weights or 8 weights for Silvers and Steelhead. 9' 8 weights for Kenai River Rainbows and 5 weights for lake Grayling.  Steelhead lines with stout 10 to 12 lb leaders roughly around 9 to 10 ft.  Lighter leaders for rainbows and grayling. I prefer Flurocarbon. Bring fowl weather jackets and lots of extra gear, fleece and if you have an extra pair of waders just in case of leakage,  There are no major shops nearby.
       Favorites: Winston BIIX 9' 6" 8 weight & BIIX 9' 6" 7 weight
                            Winston LT 8' 9" 5 weight
                            Bauer M4SL, MXP4, Rogue 4
                                         M2SL, MXP2, Rogue 2
                             Wulff Steelhead TT8 or TT7 
                                         Triangle Tapper 5 weight
                            Seaguar Flurocarbon Leaders and Tippet (The Best!!!)
                          THIS IS A FLY FISHING TRIP ONLY!!!! 
    Here is the break down on Dates and Expenses for the Trip:

             After Labor Day in September  through the middle of September. Dates to be announced later
                      Total Expense:
                     4 People: $1,500.00 Each

            Price includes Food,  Rental Vehicles, Lodging, Guided Float Trip on the Kenai River and some great friendship!!  It does not include: Fishing licenses, gas for the vehicle, Flies and needed gear,and Bear Spray (buy your own) or run fast!!         
            These prices are subject to change due to the amounts of Beer you drink and everything else that goes up.  I will keep you informed if prices spike up dramaticlly
                   Please call the shop for more info.
    Plane cost and reservations are seperate but you must arrive in Anchorage Airport no later than 4:00 pm. and depart Anchorage no earlier than 7:00 pm. 
Please call the shop for additional information and up dates. 

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