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While instruction-based films have their time and place, the primary emphasis in a new genre of fly fishing films is entertainment.  Edgy, 'extreme' type sports like skiing, skateboarding and snowboarding have long been highlighted with entertainment based films, and that basic theme has been intertwined with the sport of fly fishing in recent years- producing what can sometimes be referred to as 'fish porn.'  A number of grassroots production groups have been working diligently to put entertaining films in the hands of fly fishing fanatics of all ages who share their passion.  Our Links Page can get you connected to a number of websites with profiles of these filmmakers and clips of some upcoming projects, and we'll try to keep current reviews going on this page.  We are also looking to organize a screening of some films at Duhblinn's pub here locally, so check back often.  



Trout Bum Diaries Volume 1:  Patagonia

Highlights a hardcore group of trout bums on a five-month journey through Argentina. Unbelievable footage of gorgeous brook, brown and rainbow trout in everything from spring creeks to ocean tributaries. Truly a groundbreaking film.

Trout Bum Diaries Volume 2:  Kiwi Camo

 The second installment in this saga finds the boys from the Angling Exploration Group stalking monster browns in New Zealand. Their flair for creative filming is evident in the amazing footage gathered on this three-month adventure.

Running Down the Man

Follow a truly insane group of roosterfish addicts as they chase their quarry up and down the beach. Hilarious antics and huge roosters make this film a must see. Named Best Video in the 2006 Drake Magazine Fly-fishing Video Awards.

Chasing Silver

Amazing footage of vicious tarpon takes and epic battles. Follow tarpon fanatics across the flats as they pursue these silver beasts. Over two hours of extreme action.

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