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Chest packs, Back packs, and places to stow your Beer!!

 I guess the big questions would be with all the new high tech requirements for waders, wading boots, sunscreen and polarizing sunglasses, Why?, I ask Why?, are we still wearing the common old vest set-up. Come on people!! With the use of the chest pack (can wear it separatly) and back pack combo's becomming more and more popular it would seem that you would  see a few more fishing people on the river wearing them, but you don't.  I recently helped a flyfisher in the shop the other day with questions he had with the High Country chesk pack from Fishpond.  I came out with one great answer after another,  such as very lite weight, no bulk around you, no acheing shoulders, easy on and off, very comfortable and tons of storage.  All these points and counter points eventually led to him purchaseing the back pack.  But after he left I  had to ask myself,  Why the hell do I still wear a vest?   I guess one of the more typical answers is that it has something our forbares wore and we should do it also. When you look and feel  how the new Chest packs fit on you you will not put on another vest.  These packs are very lite weight and fit the body more comfortably then any vest I have ever worn. They hold three times as much gear as any vest (when you want them to) and do it in a more organized way then any vest can do. Lee Wulff invented the fly fishing vest back in the 1960's and since then the vest in designing and features has not changed.  Yea the pckets may be increasing in size and lots more of the them,  but what good does that do when your standing on the river wondering what pocket you put the thermometer in?.  We do a hike up into an alpine lake in Alaska for Grayling and Josh had just purchased the Shooting Star from Fishpond and I am still amazed how much gear he was able to put in his back pack while the rest of us had to hang our waders and vest  over our shoulders and hold the fly rods in our hands the whole hike up. He was'nt going to be the mule for us. There are numerous companies out there who are producing these gems and all of them take close inspection to find out which one works best for your type of fly fishing.  But I will tell you this I will purchasing one this year!!
















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